Podcasting is a great way to amplify your book’s message. Seeking out like-minded podcasters to interview you about your upcoming book is a pro tool to have in your marketing strategy.

Before the show

1. Determine which category your book would best fit.

2. Make a list of all the podcasts in that category.

  • Make sure their format allows for guests.
  • Make sure you’re engaged with their show from all of your social platforms.

3. Be prepared with some items that will make it easier for them to say yes.

  • Your one sheet: give them the details about your book in one easy-to-read sheet
  • Send them some FAQs: What should they ask you?
  • Your headshot so they can promote you.
  • Your website and all social links so they can find you, etc.

4. Navigate the best timing to be on the show that coincides with your book launch.

During the show

    1. Connect with the host, hit your main talking points, and make sure the audience knows where to buy your book, pertinent information about events, where to find you online, etc.

After the show

      1. Market the show with proper tags in all of your accounts to promote your appearance while thanking your hosts.

Pro-tip: Podcasters love giving away freebies. Consider providing an interesting giveaway, such as a copy of your book. Consider, too, that podcasters may want a copy of your book to read before they say yes. You could provide an ebook or PDF copy—but if you have it in the budget to provide a print copy along with some bookmarks and a personal note, I really think that is the way to go.