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AuthorSource Media specializes in guiding authors toward one goal: a professional and marketable book. We value the quality of product and service over anything else. Our team of writers, editors, designers, and marketers are dedicated to the creation of something new, something bold. We know that you’ve poured so much into your book. It’s time that someone takes your work seriously and give you the quality you deserve.

​Our company is built on honesty, creativity, and a love of books.

​We’ve surveyed the current publishing industry and sadly found it lacking in quality, self-published books. Too often we’ve seen books published with terrible covers, poor editing, and cookie-cutter promotions. We’re ready to work with authors who want something more, something better.

Here is our guarantee: every book produced will have the same standard of quality as a traditional publisher. Every book will have a professional cover and will undergo proper editing. Each author will receive a custom publicity campaign fit for their book and market.

Success doesn’t come from copying, it comes from innovation, creativity, and perseverance.

​Let’s work together to produce a book worthy of your writing and one that your readers are waiting for

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