Tap into your creative side this holiday season by finding the perfect gift for the writer in your life. Let them know how much they mean to you by giving them something thoughtful and inspiring. Step away from the boring notebooks and fluffy pens in favor of something they will truly enjoy! This gift guide will get you started.

1.  A Writer’s Retreat (costs vary)

There’s nothing like a writer’s retreat to conquer writer’s block! Give the gift that will keep giving by providing a place for them to find quiet and get inspired. You could create your own retreat by booking them a night at a hotel or spa where they can get some me-time, or find a retreat online where they can meet and work with other writers, attend workshops, and make progress on their latest projects. Below is a link to 37 of the best writing retreats located around the globe.

2. A Magazine Subscription ($15–$30 per year)

Magazines are often an overlooked tool that writers should take advantage of. They provide information on the changing atmosphere of the industry, upcoming events, and tips for how to become a stronger writer. Below is a list of magazines that can motivate and educate the writer in your life.

-The Writer Magazine

-Writer’s Digest

-Publisher’s Weekly

-Writer’s Forum

-Poet’s & Writer’s Magazine

3. Story Cubes Inspiration Starters ($14)

This quirky gift is great for all ages. These entertaining cubes offer a fun escape from dreaded writer’s block. By providing instant inspiration, this gift will be a memorable one.

4. Writer’s Emergency Pack ($19)

Take a different approach to creative rejuvenation with this emergency kit. It provides 26 illustrated idea cards and 26 detailed cards with helpful suggestions and new tips to try. Whether on the go or working from home, this portable kit will help unstick a stuck mind.

5. Foot Warmer Mat ($57)

There’s nothing worse than trying to write with cold feet distracting you! Give the gift of warmth this chilly season with the gentle, yet heavy duty, foot warmer mat. It fits under any desk or standing work station.

6. Virtual Keyboard ($100)

Technology just keeps getting better with this revolutionary laser technology keyboard. It connects via Bluetooth and will project a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface. Bring this fun gadget into work to turn some heads or bring it on your next business trip to lighten your travel load!

7. In My Novel Mug ($7.95)

This writer’s mug could not be more accurate—and cute!

8. FreshBooks (ranges from $7–$25 per month)

For freelance writers, Freshbooks is the perfect way to track time, create invoices, and collect payment. This accounting software allows writers to track their business expenses, saving them time and making it easy!

9. Noise Cancelling Headphones ($60)

What’s worse than trying to write with a million sounds going off around you? Nothing. Save a writer’s sanity by getting them noise cancelling headphones, so they can focus in any situation.

10. Books

You can’t go wrong with getting a writer a new book! Provide them hours of entertainment with a story they haven’t read yet. Find out their favorite genre and check out AuthorSource’s Bookstore for inspiration.